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Posted by Ian StormStaff on October 20, 2014 at 10:00 AM

I don't know about you guys, but for me storage in Wizard101 is a pain in the piggle... My attic is maxed out WAY over the limit, my banks are full of stuff I'm saving for other characters/uses that literally can't go anywhere else, and the Arcane Bundle is more of the Arcane Where-Can-I-Put-These-100-Unecessary-Items. It's kind of frustrating actually. I figure it's time for some storage ideas in Wizard101, because as much as KI wants us to "Spring Clean" there's only so much to throw versus the 4 years of stuff we have gotten and want to keep! I figure there are a number of ways to give us more storage...

The obvious solution in a business's mind is to sell more space. KI could simply add bonus space to the crowns shop and if we want it we can buy it. This way those who need more can get it and those who don't, well, don't get it :P. If the prices were fair I wouldn't mind this option, but something tells me KI won't sell coveted storage space cheaply. Personally I wouldn't mind maybe paying 500-1000 crowns for ~100 spaces in any storage area, but anything past 1000 crowns I am usually unwilling to purchase.


Much like gold cap, this would be a bank cap! As we level up we obviously have more things to hang on to from our wizarding work. By the time you're level 100 there's probably a LOT you've got stored away. I know I have a lot of stuff I don't want to throw: crowns gear, bundle/rare items, costumes, holiday furniture, etc. I think this option is the best and honestly makes sense following other game mechanics... Once we reach level 70 or so we could have a max item increase of 50-100 (or more please) spaces and this could occur every 10-15 levels like other caps in the game. This is my favorite option that I've come up with.


This is a unique idea I came up with. It started with my frustration at the Arcane Bundle. I love being able to create my own living space, but I already have filled storage from other items, I have nowhere to store unused building blocks. I've tweeted a lot about this problem and I think an obvious solution is to give all of the owners of this bundle a chest or something to store unused blocks. This sounds outrageous but I think this chest needs to be between 250-500 items for the many blocks that come with this bundle. After thinking about the arcane bundle I wondered, "why not make more chests?" So what if KI made storage chests that could be bought or crafted that held maybe 100-200 items each. They could be decorated and nameable so that you could have one for holiday items, or one for party items. I love the idea of this since it could be implemented in so many ways.


Basically, I want more storage; and I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys do too! So, tell me what you think of my ideas, tweet this to KI, email them, bring it up on message boards! Let's see if we can get some more space for our wizards! Thanks for reading, have a great week guys! (Also Thursday is my birthday so yeah, awesome stuff :D)

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Reply Scarlet Frogslinger
9:33 PM on October 22, 2014 
I think that your ideas are great. Actually hadn't thought about the castle blocks problem but had thought about the need for space when I was thinking about crafting one of the houses.

I was also sad to have to sell off my collection of amulets. It is a shame that they cannot be displayed in the castesl.

Anyway, good artile, well written - hope it gets listened to by the ones who could make the extra storage happen.