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The Locket (Short story)

Posted by Marissa Petal on February 22, 2014 at 3:00 PM

A woman had slowly paced throughout Avery's empty office, admiring his different collections throughout the Spiral. With every calm and slow step, there would be a soft ring of bells that came along with it. The woman had hair black as night and eyes blue as the sea. She wore a black dress that were decorated with blue wraps. Around her hips was a gold chain decorated with small gold bells, along with gold bracelets and anklets with the same bells. She also wore black ankle-length boots, forcing herself to get out of the habit of walking around barefoot.

The door had opened to reveal a man who had just passed his middle ages. He was tall and skinny, along with hair that was brown in some area, but most were white. He wore a blue coat over a white blouse, along with brown pants and boots. Behind him was a young lady who had appeared to just turn 18. She had long, fiery red hair and warm brown eyes. She wore a black coat over a red and white dress. But it was not a dress made for parties, it was a dress made for female pirates who wants to leave an impression with their weapon and their style.


"Here is the girl, just like you asked." The man said, sounding a bit nervous. "Thank you, Avery. Now, leave us alone." The woman had ordered. Avery gave a slight nod on the head before returning outside, leaving the girl to be tense and confused. "Ah, Danielle." The woman had said kindly, "You are one of the legendary pirates, well, will be." She added with a smile. Danielle rose an eyebrow, "Who are you?" She asked. "I am Madame Destiny. And I have an important task for you. This task will be carried on to your daughter." Madame Destiny had answered. Danielle blinked, "A.... Daughter?" She had a hint of a Valencian accent in her voice, it was something she had tried to push away, but had no luck. "Yes, a daughter," Destiny said, "Your daughter will be well known. But not in this part of the Spiral." "What do you mean?" She had asked. "I cannot tell you. You will witness it soon enough." Destiny answered. The Witchdoctor had picked up a gold chalice, inspected it, then had put it down.

"So, what's the task?" Danielle asked. "I need you to steal a locket. And I want you to wear it, all the time." Destiny said with no preamble. "Whose locket?" "Ah, it's from a Valencian family. Have you ever heard of the Dove family?" Destiny asked. Danielle answered with a soft shake of her head. "The Doves had recently made a locket. It is shaped into a heart and made out of pure gold." Destiny started to explain, "It is made to be the start of a heirloom. Their son, Zachary Dove, has to give the locket to his bride to be. When the time comes, Zachary's wife will pass it down to their daughter." "But, I don't understand why you w-" "You'll see."




Danielle had silently moved throughout the Goode Manor in Valencia. It had taken her less than a day to steer her ship into her homeworld, despite the many skyways she had to go through. She had wandered throughout many rooms, most of them being sitting rooms while the others were bedrooms. She had lowered her way into the basement, where she had started to sweat. It was dreadfully hot in here. The dark room had a soft fiery glow that came from the forge that was tucked in a corner. There were many tables, most of them covered with papers while others had jewelry placed on them. She scanned the jewelry tables until one had caught her eye, the locket.


Danielle had glanced around, to make sure the coast was clear, before silently approaching the locket. She told the necklace in her hand, and inspected it. That was until a hand was wrapped around her wrist. "Thief." The stranger had declared. He had appeared to be around Danielle's age, with brown hair and violet eyes. He wore the kind of casual clothing that was worn in Valencia, but it was covered in soot and had holes burned in them. She had to assume this was Zachary Goode and gave him an amused smirk, "I'm a pirate, what can you expect?" She said before moving swifty into his arms and elbowing his chest. She was given strict orders not to make him bleed, but she was allowed to knock him down. Zachary taking the blow, he was pushed back and fell to the floor. Danielle had started to run towards the stairs as she heard the sound of a sword being unsheathed.

Zachary's sword had met with Danielle's cutlass, he was giving her a dark look, "Give me back the amulet." He ordered. "Sorry, can't do that. I also can't injure you, which is fortunate for you. You are extremely handsome." She said smoothly. She had placed her foot on his chest, pushing him off the stairs. Zachary gave her a mix of shock and anger as she ran up the stairs. The closest exit was a window, which, with no hesitation, had crashed into, receiving a few cuts within the process. She had climbed onto her ship, and headed back to Skull Island.




"Ah, yes, the Goode amulet." Destiny said, inspecting the amulet. "But it is missing something." She added before closing her fingers around it. Danielle could feel the Hoodoo magic surrounding Madame Destiny for a few seconds before it had died down. "Here." Destiny said with a kind smile as she handed Danielle the locket. Danielle looked at the locket, it was the same except for one thing. There were a set of initials, actually three, on the locket. ZBG, DSG, VCG Danielle had furrowed her eyebrows, "Whose initials are these?" She asked, although there was something in her telling her that she knew. "You will see." Destiny said with a mischievious smile.


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