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Cold Shoulder CH 3

Posted by Ian StormStaff on February 3, 2014 at 7:30 AM

"Oh my!" Gamma called as he followed Ian into Ambrose's office. Greyrose lay floating in mid-air surrounded by green aura, which was cycling around her, healing her and removing the dark impurities. Moolinda Wu turned as Ian entered and gasped. "This boy needs help too!" She flicked her wrist and a card cracked the ground, a fairy burst from it and began checking Ian for injuries, splashing healing dust wherever he was cut or bruised. He began to feel less drowsy and it didn't hurt to move as much. When the fairy was done she collapsed into a pile of her own healing dust and re absorbed back into her card, which slid back into Wu's card pouch. Her attention was still focused on Greyrose, who was unconscious but quickly returning to her old self.

Ian sat on a stool at the edge of the small crowd and watched, wary. As much as Greyrose didn't need to be injured Ian also didn't want her waking up and still being an evil maniac. Ambrose sighed and turned to Ian, his mismatched eyes focusing on him, as if just realizing he was there.

"Ah, there you are. First and foremost, how are things in Avalon?" Ambrose always wanted much of Ian, and it was quite difficult for him to even remember what he'd been up to in Avalon before all this Greyrose madness. Ambrose listened patiently, his face filled with many emotions, and thoughts, as it generally was. When Ian finished Ambrose asked about Greyrose, and Ian again digressed. It turned out Ian wasn't really needed, and Ambrose easily let him go, telling him he'd be updated on Greyrose's condition when and if it changed.

It felt good to be back in Avalon, and Ian didn't even mind the horrible price it cost to fix his armor, once done he was ready to head back to work on the usual, taking down baddies and finding Morganthe. However not even twenty four hours back in Avalon Ian received a summons to return to Ambrose's office, and to come quickly. Ian suffered the world gate back to Wizard City and stumbled out of Bartleby, to find it was night time in Ravenwood. He quietly made his way through the tunnel and to Ambrose tower, where lights still shone. He knocked on the door and it immediately opened, Ambrose swept him in and clicked the door shut behind him. As Ian accommodated to the light he saw, nothing. The room looked quite normal actually. Greyrose has been moved and it looked as if Ambrose had done nothing but study scholarly things; but Ambrose beckoned him towards the area behind his desk. He then tapped the wall smartly, which only made Ian more confused. Then the wall melted into a doorway, and Ambrose set down the newly formed hallway. They traveled down the hall quietly for some ways. Then reached another door. Ambrose turned the knob and swung it open, quite a site meeting Ian's eyes.

Greyrose and Falmea stood in separate cages, each shrouded in the shadowy aura and emanating evil. Ian didn't know how to react, he'd never thought of seeing his teachers in cages. Greyrose turned and sneered at him.

"Ah the pesky childling has returned. Come to behold in my glory?" She chuckled and fluttered her wings, which didn't seem to hold her up, since she was standing on the ground, not flying.

"I've temporarily drained their power, for their own good" Ambrose answered my thoughts.

"Oh Merle, you can never control darkness, it can't be tamed." Greyrose laughed and started smoking, literally, black clouds furled from her body until she was engulfed in smoke. Then the smoke cleared and Greyrose was there, but she wasn't. She seemed to be a literal shadow standing in the cage. And then she wasn't in the cage, she was standing outside of it. Then she was laughing. Ambrose panicked, he tried to shoot a spell at her but she deflected it, then with a wicked grin she shot tendrils of shadow at Ambrose, which swallowed him. Ian could only stare in horror as Ambrose writhed and screamed. Suddenly he was quiet. The smoke dissipated and there he stood, but he was grey, and his eyes were blank. He turned to Ian and said

"The Spider Queen needs this one, he's seen far too much." With a twist of his hand Falmea's cage disintegrated and she joined her colleagues. They stared down on Ian and slowly stepped towards him, like a lion eyeing it's prey.

Ian didn't know what to do, he had no way out and no way to take on three wizards of this caliber. He slid his hand into his pocket and felt something cold and hard, his compass! He shot out a bolt of lightning to throw off the three teachers and then clicked the button on the side of his compass, which sprouted magic and swallowed him up, forcing him into the spiral, and into darkness.

More Soon! Hope you guys like it so far, Marissa and I have more planned for Wizards Unite and Wizard101 Fanfiction!

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