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Unknown Identities - Epilogue

Posted by Marissa Petal on February 15, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Boris's POV

The Commons were highly decorated in celebration of Ravenwood's Anniversary. There were streamers, banners, and balloons everywhere. Most of the students wore colorful party hats as they partied and played games. I was leaning against of the outside pillars of the library with crossed arms, surveying the area. I heard the doors open behind me and familiar footsteps approaching me. "Aren't you going to go have fun?" Vanessa asked as she pulled her red hair into a ponytail. Throughout the time with Anna, her short hair had grown past her shoulders a bit and she has a light tan from travelling. She no longer wore blouses or skirts like she did when she hung out with Anna. She wore t-shirts and jeans for more of the time. "Why should I?" I asked. She supressed a sigh, "Boris, I miss her too. But we'll see her again." She promised. I shrugged, "That doesn't change the fact that I don't want to go party."

"Fine. Whatever. Well, we have a new assignment." She said, changing the subject. "Problems with the Gobblers again?" She shook her head, "Ambrose hired people for that specific job." She answered, "But no, this one is different. And when I say different, I mean different." I furrowed my eyebrows and turned to her, "What do you mean by different?" "Apparently Argleston has a brother." She answered. I rose an eyebrow, "And?..." "And he lives in Cool Ranch." I was now slightly frowning, "Cool Ranch?" "There's a different side to the Spiral. The Argleston Brothers wants us to go there for an experiment. But getting to Cool Ranch isn't as simple. There's a portal that can lead us to that other side, but it won't exactly take us there." "Then where will it take us to?" I asked. "Valencia." She answered.

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