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Unknown Identities - (Chp 15) Streets of Broken Memories

Posted by Marissa Petal on February 8, 2014 at 2:00 PM

The trip throughout the Plaza of Conquests was quick. It was deserted. The streets and buildings were cracked, ruined, or burned. The trees and rivers were burned and taken over by lava. The Necropolis was practically the same. "It's a cementery." Vanessa pointed out once we saw staircases that led to underground tombs and stone purple coffins that rested beneath ruined arches. She started to walk towards each one during the walk towards Dragonspyre Academy, reading off every name. But then, she paused at one, her violet eyes were wide after she read it. She glanced at me before looking back at the plaque. "What?" I asked, curious. "No, it's nothing, Anna." She answered softly. "Pegasi poop." I decided and walked over to read the plaque, 'In loving memory of Adam and Sarah Dragongem.' It read. But there was another plaque below, 'In loving memory of Annabelle Dragongem.' I started at the plaques with wide eyes, "I'm sorry, Anna." Vanessa said. I ignored her for a moment, gently placing my hand on my parents coffin, closing my eyes, "At least we're together..." I choked back a sob. I could feel warm tears running down my cheeks, "But we're not together completely yet..." I added.

Boris hugged me from behind, "Come on." He said softly, leading me away from my parents and my grave. "I'm fine." I said, swallowing back my tears. "No you're not." He said. "No, I am. Really." I said, breaking away from his arms to give him a small smile. Vanessa pulled opened the doors that led to Dragonspyre and whispered a "Woah.", which caught Boris's and I's attention. "And to think I wanted to come here..." She added. Dragonspyre Academy was in ruins. The grass was burned, the class trees were cut. Well, all except for the Fire tree and the Death tree. Every class room except for the Fire classroom was closed and sealed off. "I used to come here...." I said in disbelief. Vanessa ignored me, and started running towards the Fire classroom. "Vanessa!" Boris called out, but he receieved no response. He made an annoyed grunt before following her. I was right behind him.

"Oh my Bartleby..." Vanessa said with a mix of amazment and disbelief. The classroom wasn't completely ruined. Just slightly burnt. She picked up a book, brushed the dust off, and started flipping through the pages. "I was right on saying that this school was better than Pigswick..." She mumbled. "Pigs-what?" I asked. "Nevermind that." She waved off the subject before placing the book in her bookbag. "Anna, do you remember how the classes were like?" She asked me with a hopeful glint in her eyes. From the corner of my eye, I could see Boris shooting a glare at her, as if saying that it was a bad idea. "I'm sorry, but no." I said with an exhale. The hopeful glint was extinguished, like fire meeting water, "That's alright. I'll read about it when I get home." She shrugged off.

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