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Unknown Identities - (CHP 13) Unknown Identity

Posted by Marissa Petal on February 1, 2014 at 2:00 PM

The journey from Mooshu to Dragonspyre wasn't long considering everybody has a spiral key to the world except for me. "Guys..." No answer. "Guys." Still no answer. "GUYS!" I yelled. Both of them abruptly stopped to look at me with questioning looks. "What's going on?" I asked, looking confused. Everything and everybody was silent, so silent you can hear a pindrop. Finally, Vanessa huffed a sigh, breaking the silence, "You're undead." She announced. I blinked, "Funny, considering I can't walk through walls like a ghost or have a craving for life source." She rolled her eyes in annoyance, "No, you aren't like the usual undead...." Her voice trailed off, "Your identity..... Is unknown...." I slightly frowned, "What?" "All we know is that you died during the battle between Malistaire and Dragonspyre. We assume that you're a lost soul who has magically formed a physical body. But if you don't get back to the spirit realm soon.... You'll forget everything..." Boris spoke up, sounding grim.

"And where is this 'spirit realm'?" I asked. "Your grave." Vanessa answered. "Which is at...." I trailed off, expecting my sentence to be completed. "Malistaire's grave. It seems to appear that you spent your last living breath killing Malistaire." Boris said. I blinked, seeming surprise, "So.... Malistaire is...." "Dead? Yes. You died a hero. Malistaire's soul is reunited with his wife, Sylvia." Vanessa added. I furrowed my eyebrows, looking at both of them with slight suspicion, "But why wasn't I informed about this when I came into the living realm?" I asked. "We figured it would be better if we sent you back with you having no knowledge of this." Boris said. "Now, come on. We have spirits and Drakes to face. And the path to Malistaire's lair isn't short." He added, sounding distant. He has been sounding more and more distant lately. Was he playing an act as well?

The ruins of the Atheneum were eerie and bleak. The stores were trashed, the water turned into lava, the trees were burnt and the bridges were broken. "Come on, let's go to the library. Perhaps there's a book on shortcuts." Boris said with no emotion in his voice. I burrowed my eyebrows, "There was a library here?" I asked, seeming confused. Vanessa's eyes widened before looking over at Boris, "It's starting..." She told him. "Forgetting everything...." I whispered to myself. That was when I realized, which street did I lived in? What were my parents names? Or my neighbor's names? Who sold what? Who taught what? "Oh my Bartleby. I'm forgetting everything!" I yelled, grabbing the sides of my head. I couldn't breathe. This couldn't be happening.

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