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Goodbye, Wizards Unite

Posted by Ian StormStaff on February 13, 2015 at 7:00 AM

Today is FEBRUARY 13th, the last day Wizards Unite is paid for. I'm kinda sad to leave my baby. It's been a long almost four years at WU and I've had a lot of people to thank for it. I want to thank a few people, but first I need to go over some boring stuff:


  • I will no longer be paying for hosting for this website, the domain will expire and return to wizardsunite.webs.com, so please change your bookmarks to reflect that.
  • Since I'm no longer paying webs, my page limit has decreased from unlimited (I have around 300 pages of WU stuff), to a whopping 5. Webs will systematically delete my pages until that number is reached, I personally am going to save files of the pages I want to keep but for you the reader, that means the bulk of my information that could remain useful will be wiped at some point. If I can save it and find a way to make it publicly available, I certainly will and will tell you guys.
  • I will keep the twitter open, but it won't really be updated. The FB page will remain but no longer be updated.
  • All of the WU emails will stop working when my premium ends, so the contact and my personal email are unusable. You can of course always reach me at [email protected] and at my new website [email protected]


And now for my long list of thank-yous and such....


  • Edward LifeGem, Autumn DreamWalker, Destiny, Swordroll, Chrissy, and others I forgot over time. You all have been the backbone of my support system and have always been there to support my work and my ideas. You are all incredible people and I'm glad you're my friends
  • All past/current WU staff: thank you from the bottom of my heart for working with me, and helping my site in any way you could. You guys rock for writing and making things and helping me out. I have had staff struggles before but the majority of you are amazing people who I hope enjoyed your time working with me.
  • Kingsisle: though I never made it to official, and only garnered recognition from Kingsisle for an April fools joke, I owe Kingsisle much credit to building great games and letting a great community flourish. It was a long dream of mine to be an official fansite but now I have learned that it is not the path I want to take, that I need to exist to be creative and be creative in everything I do.
  • Special shout out to Tom/Friendly for literally supporting me since I joined the community. He's super busy being an amazing community manager now but even before then he was a great figure in the community and I will forever admire his love for people and for gaming. Happy Dueling :)
  • To those who weren't a friend to me; I try my hardest to love everyone but a few of you just tick me off, nobody's perfect. I thank you for giving me my competitive edge and showing me how NOT to run my website; no offense to yours. You'll probably throw a party now that I'm gone but that's okay, you do you.
  • Lastly; thanks to my parents. My dad has paid for my web hosting for a few years now and that's something that is definitely costly and doesn't have to happen, I'm grateful he's let me have this opportunity (plus he's paying for my new website too...). My mom has also been paying for my KI subscriptions for about 6 years now... Which amounts to a lot of money spent on games. My parents on top of being my investors have also been amazingly supportive to my work and pushed me to keep it up. I'm very happy that they support me in my endeavors.
  • Bonus: thank you every single reader who has ever spent a minute in this site, every comment, every person who tweets me or uses Wizards Unite; you are what kept me going, what drove me to aim high, and what caught me when I fell. I started this website wanting to become official and have fans and I leave it loving writing and gaming more than ever.








This website is so important to me and even though I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to, I think I did a pretty darn good job and I'm proud of my website and my work. I am looking forward to WatchHallow and the rest of my online journey, but I wanna thank the #Twizards for getting me on my feet. You guys rock, I'm gonna miss this.... A lot... 

Signing off for the last time as Ian StormStaff, thanks for reading all of these years, have a great weekend :)

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Reply Chrissy The Blesser
8:46 AM on February 13, 2015 
Hmm comment only included the first line. Lets try this again..........

Wow to be included in such great company. You honor me beyond measure.
Reply Chrissy The Blesser
8:45 AM on February 13, 2015 
Wow to be included in such great company. You honor me beyond measure.