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CSI November 2014 Updates

Posted by Ian StormStaff on November 24, 2014 at 7:30 AM

Hello Wizards! 
I took a good portion of last night and shut down the CSI for some much needed restructuring and updating. For starters, the new pets mount house and gold bundle are all in the index now (yay!); but more importantly, the Index has been reorganized for easier navigation so that you can fidn what you want. This is inspired by some rethinking, as well as Wizard101's restructure of the Crowns Shop itself! Here's what's different:

Previously, Gardening had its own section on the root page and teleporters were at the bottom of the Houses Page. NOW Those and other housing related items (not including houses themselves) are all found under the Housing Items page. 

Much like the in game Crowns Shop, the Index now organizes things like clothes, weapons, etc that your wizard wears and uses, all into one category called For Your Wizard

We decided to throw some other odds and ends into a category called gameplay. So now henchmen, elixirs, and reagent Bundles are all thrown into this section. Fishing WOULD be here, but we decided to keep it on the root page. The Fishing Page is incomplete and won't be open quite yet, but it will be soon! 

There's a lot new going on! Hopefully the fishing page will be completed soon and the Index will be entirely up to date! Hope you find these updates useful :D. Have a great week!

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