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Absences, Schooling, and IRL Encounters

Posted by Amber Rosepetal on September 13, 2014 at 12:00 AM

If you're someone who follows me on Twitter, you know why I've been absent. A mixture of health problems, schoolwork, and general procrastination have kept me from playing ANY games lately. Freshmen year and college together aren't exactly nice for my hobby, and nor is an outdated computer with a tendency to overheat.

I'm going to talk about balancing gaming and life today, even though it's a tiny bit hypocritical. I'm also going to share an experience within this past month that my knowledge from Wizard101 has come into play.

Something we're always taught is "work before play", and it especially runs with school and gaming. Balancing the two is difficult, I'm not going to lie. It only gets harder whe you advance in your schooling. We're taught that our GPA is our entire future, but being happy is the main goal. Where do you balance the two?

  • Figure out your priorities.
    -Do you need to finish Azteca, or do that 100pt project and 200pt essay? 
    -Don't spend the night finishing Azteca if you know you've got a project and an essay due tomorrow. Even though you may not be motivated...
  • Find ways to motivate yourself.
    -Eat. Eating while working helps, and if you chew gum or eat mints during school, they say the same mint taste can trigger the knowledge to bring forth, a kind of memory trigger. Some people eat peanuts while they study or work.
    -Play music, and play it loud. If you have a family around you at all times, make a playlist of clean music you can play in the kitchen that everyone will enjoy. I'm a fan of the Swan Lake soundtrack.
    -Take frequent breaks, or video call a friend or family member 
    -Sleep. This is hard for all of us, especially my fellow night owls, but sleeping seriously helps throughout the day and makes math lectures a slight bit less sleep-inducing. 
  • Okay, you've done the things. Can I game yet?
    -No. Sorry. 
    -Check and make sure your teachers haven't sprung any last-minuite assignments on you, because it DOES happen and it WILL crash your grade. Ask friends, check online, and you can always e-mail the teacher if you're still uncertain. 
  • I AM DONE! Let me game.
    -Game away. Don't forget to sleep.
If you ask me about social life, I have the unfortunate answer of, "what social life? You're a gamer."

Just yesterday, I was in my English class and we are studying Homer's The Odyessy. We were doing some preliminary research on Greek gods and goddesses with their Roman counterparts, and my teacher challenged us to find out the myth behind the Trojan War's origins. She gave us a hint: "golden apples."

Immediately, I thought of Aqualia's Eris Golden Apple, and decided to Google her name on a whim. It turns out, some people believe the Trojan War started over the women of Olympia fighting over who was prettier, and Eris gave them the golden apple and said it was for the prettiest of them all. It got pretty catty afterwards.

I hope everyone is having a good transition from summer to school, and is feeling well with this awful cold going around. 

Thanks for reading,


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