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Posted by Amber Firesword on September 5, 2014 at 6:50 PM

Hey Everyone! 

Guess what today is...


It's been 3 years since I joined Wizard101, since September 5, 2011. Both my wizard and I have progressed throughout the years of joining Wizard101. For this post, I asked people on twitter to pick a number from my screenshots. I have a total of 6628, and I deleted a few thousand several months ago, so I probably would've had about 10000 screenshots in my folder by now. I'll just be saying a few sentiments of that screenshot and what memories it brings back.

Screenshot 2:


This was back in my Marleybone days, with my toaddle Sir Jackson, a first generation adult pet with an item card and may cast infallible (I used this pet before I even KNEW what infallible was!). Phoenix was my strongest spell back then, and I still remember how excited I was about getting it trained and killing O'Learys left and right.

Screenshot 7:

Another Marleybone screenshot, this time a heckhound ready to burn up a Street Sweeper. Burnt frogs don't smell particularly good!

Screenshot 723: 

This was the era of getting my Aztecosaur attire from the Dino Bundle, around the time of Dragonspyre/finishing off Grizzleheim. I remember this being for a contest in February about friendship, and being aware of help if someone is in need, and ACCEPTING any help from anyone who offers it. Don't be afraid to accept an extra hand to finish your task!

Screenshot 777:

Facing off against the final bosses of Ravenscar, the ruler of the Coven and his other 3 bosses. This was before joining twitter, so I went into challenging dungeons with anyone around. It was rather hard in those days because many people would back out once a menu would join their group, but I'm thankful to those people who join up in a team with ANYONE. Thank you, Steven Lionheart and Jesse Frosthammer!

Screenshot 1234:

This screenshot was after receiving the Epic Bundle. I had learned how to STITCH by that time so my wardrobe wasn't nearly as horrid as before. The person on the Blue Dragon is one of my friends in real life that I suggested to try out the game when he had nothing to do. I gave him the Blue Dragon as a welcome gift!

Screenshot 1337: 

Cruising through the Celestia dungeon, the Portico! I soloed these dungeons quite often, packed a ton of potions, and looked up as much info as I could find about the boss before facing them (Thank you, Wizard101Central Wiki). By that time, I had some of my waterworks gear, which made battling MUCH easier.

Screenshot 1437:

Within the waterworks. I don't believe I was that high of a level to have cast that Sun Serpent, so it probably was a fellow teammate casting it. This brings back memories of my Sun Serpent drawing (http://amberfiresword.deviantart.com/art/RQ-Blaze-Irongem-396299493)! The colors of it's feathers are quite amazing. 

Screenshot 2027:

This was during Wintertusk. You can see that white yeti already lying down on the floor. One hit kill!

Screenshot 3333:

Two words. Absolutely. Beautiful.

Screenshot 4528:

Duke Ellie, my pet project after Sir Moose (my firecat). I got it to mega, and it got Fire-dealer, Proof, Defy, Energizing battery, and Unicorn. Not a bad pet, but not the best either. 

Screenshot 6611:

One of my recent screenshots, this is a picture of me greeting the Order of the Fang after finishing the Krokosphinx main quests on Amber Dragonblood. Currently, Amber Dragonblood is beginning Marleybone, so those dogs, rats, cats, and frogs better watch out, since Dragonblood and Kestrel Breeze are closing in!

Thanks for reading this blog post folks! I've had many good adventures/memories on Wizard101, and plan to make many more in the future! I can't wait to see what's in store for this game!

~Amber F.

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