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Old Cob Discussion!

Posted by Amber Firesword on May 24, 2014 at 2:15 PM

Hey guys!

So a few days ago I had a discussion with my friend Timothy Lighttalon about the relatively new KR part 2 update, and in particular, Old Cob. I’m going to share this discussion with you guys. It’s mostly Timothy bringing up the ideas, with me putting in little tid bits (I still haven’t QUITE finished part 2 yet) and asking more questions for Timothy to answer! Everytime I use “….” in the discussion, it means I’m skipping over a few parts that are irrelevant to the discussion.


Timothy: “Now what I'm gonna discuss concerning Old Cob is gonna be under the assumption that he will be the next villain, because if not for the final cutscene with Old Cob, I would have never thought of him to even be villian material. It was unfortunate that he kinda had to pull a Morganthe there at the end. “


Timothy: “But in any case, after looking into him, I have a few things that are concrete and some things that aren’t yet certain.”


Timothy: “First let's establish the things that are certain about Old Cob. One of the things is that is obviously certain is that he is an arachna, as seen by the final cutscene with him, and based on his body outline underneath his robe, he is most likely like one of the spider magi that you face in the hive. Another thing that is evident is that he served as one of the Umbra Legion, since he refers to have walking among Morganthe's group.”


Me: “He looked very similar to those Spider Adepts in the ‘Dream of Khrysalis’ quest when entering Morganthe’s memories.”


Timothy: “Yup that’s what I was referring to, the Archmagus.”




Timothy: “So, Captain Coleridge referred to Cob as a "weapon" so it definitely seems like he was something that Morganthe had stored in her arsenal, but it seems as though he was one that the Arachna could not control, so he was locked away in a deep pit. The Arachna also seem to fear him, so he's definitely someone significant. Now as far as Old Cob's character goes, there are some things that can be seen about him. For one, he is nothing like the previous 2 villains that we have faced. He has more charisma and charm than Morganthe and Malistaire. He is also more intellectual rather than scheming. These 2 things also make him far less predictable, because when one first sees him, one would not expect him to be evil. When walking through the hive, he extends kindness to those that you and Cob both help throughout the hive, which is something Malistaire and Morganthe did not possess. His charisma and apparent kindness is something that would make Cob more of an ear-tickler. His ultimate plan, whatever it will be, will be one that will not seem bad or harmful on the surface.”



Me: “Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. IF Old Cob was supposedly the new Villain of the third arc, what is his motive? All villains seek SOMETHING.”


Timothy: “That's something we're gonna be finding out later on.”



Timothy: “Now onto things that may not exactly be concrete, and that would be things concerning his origin. Now Old Cob may be one of the old arachna, as it seems that he is an entity that may have been around since ancient times, and since the spider in the legend was cast into a "deep pit" (sorta how Old Cob was) he may have been one of the original authors of Shadow Magic itself and you'll most likely come to discover more about shadow magic since it's only the 2 stage of shadow magic that we've discovered so far and the next 5 worlds should take us up to 7 shadow pips aka the next 5 stages of shadow magic assuming there's more of shadow magic to come.”


Me: “Well there should be more implications of shadow magic, cause logically speaking the game developers wouldn't throw away this concept that we had only began to explore.”


Timothy: “Right, and I think Old Cob will be one who wields far more Shadow Magic than Morganthe did. And I think because of his aforementioned qualities, he will be much more formidable than Morganthe and Malistaire ever was. He may have also been one of the forefathers of the Arachna himself.”


Me: “Well I mean, in the Orbs Prophecy a ‘spider’ was mentioned.”

Timothy: “Right, as far as the prophecy thing goes, that was some speculation. I also think that he and the arachna had a relationship that may have been broken at some point in time. The arachna see him as a threat, and he opposes them alongside you. When the arachna are topped at the end, he seems to act a little indifferent towards them: "The arachna will suffer for a time, but they will get over it"”


Timothy: “Since he was once one of them, he may have had some role among their community at some point but once they discovered how powerful he was (or something along those lines) the spider magi to keep him sealed away. This probably took place sometime around when Morganthe came along the scene at the hive. Since the arachna were looking for someone to fulfill the prophecy, Old Cob probably could tell from the start that Morganthe would only bring about her own downfall.”


Me: “Wait but then why would he help us on our quest to defeat Morganthe if he already knew that she would eventually defeat herself in a sense?”


Timothy: Well I mean not defeat herself but he knew she was steered in the wrong direction and that she would only cause problems, but in a sense she defeated herself because she took more power than she could take. And even though she had a support system built to hold that power, that support system was cut out, thus, she ultimately brought about her own downfall. But of course the wizard protagonist had a lot to do with it, so it wasn’t just her alone. The wizard came along and started foiling her plans, and she tried to prevent any means of being defeated. But in her final scene, she sealed her fate.”


Me: “Also, if old cob truly was that powerful, why didn't he help defeat Morganthe by himself/with your wizard? In the shadow palace, he was just witnessing the defeat of Morganthe.”


Timothy: “He was crippled in his time that he was locked away. He was kept in darkness for so long that he was sensitive to light. Also, as he walked with you, he stopped in the Palace of Fangs to take a rest because "the climb (to the palace) was more taxing than I expected." He was taxed physically and probably in terms of his power too for being locked away for so long and then once Morganthe was defeated, a surge of power was released and was absorbed by the Wizard and by Old Cob. That surge of power gave Old Cob his power back and helped ultimately rehabilitate him.”




Me: “Okay so what do you think will happen in the third arc?”


Timothy: “There's not really anything given as to hints of what may take place in the 3rd arc other than what worlds are involved in said arc. Oh that and we'll most likely have to deal with Old Cob's "Children" in each of the 5 worlds. And whoever said "Children" are probably those who will probably be carrying out things for Old Cob, since they have dispersed to those 5 worlds.”


Timothy: “However, we won't know the full details till the next arc. We may start just getting an introduction into what's going on in the first world of the 3rd arc, because the world just may be having problems that we may have to go deal with and then we may come to find out that they're the doing of Old Cob's "Children". That's how it was in Celestia, when we were just finding out about Morganthe, but we started finding out more in Zafaria about Morganthe.”




Me: “Wait who did you say you thought locked away Old Cob?”


Timothy: “The spider magi did, according to Captain Coleridge.”


Me: “Really? Because in that stuff before the prophecy it says "Spider fell into the deepest hole, locked away by Raven’s hand."


Timothy: “Well in that case, Old Cob isn’t that spider.”


Me: “Really?”


Timothy: “It seems that way. It's hard to say, KI left out a lot of missing pieces that will have to be filled in during the next arc. Either Old Cob was the original spider or is somehow related with the original spider.”

Me: “Yeah that is definitely right. I was thinking that IF old cob was that spider he would go after Grandmother Raven, because they seemed to have a conflicting history with one another, like Raven was the creator of light and the spider was shadow, and Bartleby was that balance in the spiral.”


Timothy: “Yeah you make a good point, Grandmother Raven will probably come back in the 3rd arc. I think that Old Cob was probably one of the founding fathers of the Arachna, a possible child of the original spider, like a descendent, because the original spider was around a couple thousand years ago.”


Me: “Well Bartleby and Grandmother Raven still exist, so it's highly possible that Old Cob is the original spider.”


Timothy: “Possibly, though we don’t have enough yet to confirm that. It's possible that Cob was once locked away by the Raven, recovered by his kind, and then locked away again when Morganthe came about.”


Timothy: “Well for the most part, the prophecy was fulfilled. The mirror broke, the horn called, and the Skies fell.. with Morganthe falling with it.”


Me: “And from the shadows I strike is Old Cob?”


Timothy: “I think that was Morganthe just talking about herself. Old Cob didnt seem to be referencing himself at any particular point in the narration, unless he was somehow talking about the himself (the spider) in the third person.”


Me: “But wasn’t it Old Cob who created the prophecy?”


Timothy: “Could have been. There was an implication that that was possible, since the prophecy existed before Morganthe made the scene.”


Me: “And old cob said he had to leave and it was “time to make a new prophecy””.


Timothy: “He could be saying that in reference to have written a prophecy before or not, or he could just be referencing the previous prophecy. Either would work, though having Cob narrate it suggests a connection so it's certainly a possibility. It's just one of those things we don't know for sure yet.”

AFTER that discussion, Timothy decided to give a bit more insight on Old Cob.

"Another thing is that when Cob first comes out of his confinement, he emphasizes how he was locked away for so long, and he even says that he "had not tasted fresh air in a long, long time". Another thing he says is that he "knows all the tricks and old secrets of the hive"." 




Whew! So after that discussion, I think you guys can tell I’m more of a listener than a contributor in discussions. HUUUGE thank you for Timothy for making this happen! The conversation blew my mind, hopefully you guys enjoyed reading it! If you have any ideas, feel free to post them below.

That’s all for this week! Cya in the spiral!

~Amber F.






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Reply Umbra9649
3:23 AM on May 26, 2014 
Actually, Olde Cob is Grandfather Spider. An ancient being brother to Lady Nightstar/Grandmother Raven and the Grandfather Tree Bartleby. He was locked away in the Black Hole by Grandmother Raven where he created Shadow magic before finally falling into a long rest. During those times he was weakened and lost his strength. It's somewhat clear that Olde Cob must have somehow been active during a certain point in time where he could either birth the Arachna or at least form a small relationship with them. And during his time that he spent with the Arachna the prophecy, the one that Morganthe always uttered, was actually first told by him to the Arachna.