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Tips On Street Manners

Posted by Marissa Petal on May 3, 2014 at 10:15 PM

Everytime new content comes out, the areas are flooding with players excited to get new and shiny things.

But everything has their pros and cons.

One of the cons of street questing is running into rude people, or perhaps being rude to them yourself. 

Last week, I asked Twizards what strangers do or say that they dislike

April 25, 2014 via Twitter

Marissa Petal (@MarissaPetal): "Question; What is one rude thing you hate that a stranger does while questing in a new world or area?"

Matty (@Matt_Merciless): "I feel like everybody is going to say this but, joining battles without asking"

Fishy Kyle (@KyleTitanflame): "When you accidently get pulled into a person's fight and they start trash talking you"

Roslyn Silver (@RosieNightblade): "When people are bossy and tell you which spell to cast"

Umbra9649 (@Umbra9649): "When they steal the reagent I was getting, ruin my screen shot, or join in a duel as soon as the other monsters are dying"

Diana Wildheart (@DianaWildheart): "I was going to say that they don't care to destroy the traps I set for my hubby to attack since fire has good damage than those the wand wasting all of the traps"

First rule of being polite on the streets is to always ask. Whether you want to join a battle or use somebody's else's traps it's always better to ask.

The thing about joining battles has it's pros and cons. Many people will see a player fighting monsters and figured it's a time saving for them and you if there's more monsters, especially if it's in a new area. But it's always better to ask, whether or not the place is flooding with players or totally deserted. Asking about blades is no problem, but it's better for both you and the other players because what if that person was getting ready for a one hit and all of those traps were wasted just because you wanted to use a wand spell to get rid of that Weakness spell off of you? Sometimes we'd ought to make the sacrifice of not attacking for the goodness of your group.

Stealing reagents or mana can be irritating. But there is nothing else we can do. All just have to do is keep our comments to ourselves and move on.

Be careful on what you say on the internet. Your words can hurt others.

Here is a topic that I usually run into a lot and I believe I've mastered on how to solve the situation.

Many, many, many, many, times, you are going to go into a dungeon where you cannot solo so you use Team Up! And many, many, MANY, times, you are going to run into a person who is rude to not only you, but to other players or they will boss you around and tell you to cast a certain spell or to heal them although they've only been hit once. Here is my solution to the problem: don't say anything. The block and report buttons are at your advantage to use for valid reasons. If they boss you around, ignore them and do what you feels right, and if they bully you, do not say anything. You words can give them more power than you think.

In dungeons, people will do things that will erk us. They will either leave the dungeon with no word, leaving you with more monsters than you can handle or with a difficult boss. Or perhaps they will call you by your school instead of your name, (Ex: "Life and Death, attack the Myth boss. Fire, attack the ice boss and I will get the balance boss.) Please, please, PLEASE do not do that. People have names that you can see if your roll your mouse over that player.

After that, questing should be a breeze and a fun way to find great and super nice people and devlop friendships or maybe a PVP team with. Just keep calm and quest on!

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