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The Hare Will Be Mine!

Posted by Amber Firesword on April 19, 2014 at 4:55 PM

Hey guys!

Oh man, I’ve been extremely busy this week, with report cards coming out, a badminton tournament, the citywide science fair, and a math contest… whew!

For the minimal time I’ve had to work on Wizard101, my pyromancer is still in Tyrian Gorge, and we defeated the first Broodmother. Right now, I’m working to find the Moon’s Crown to help restore Queen Sabrina (the Broodmother) to her original state.

Meanwhile, I’ve created my new balance wizard! Meet Amber Dragonblood!

The only school I have truly had experience with is fire, and fire school (besides storm) is one of the “powerhouse” schools, so whenever I’m questing with Keira, I’m the hammer, while she is the buffer (being balance). We decided to switch things up a bit and I’ll be the buffer, while Keira is making a storm wiz.

Right now, I have Amber Dragonblood at Level 13, but I’m planning to level her higher (as well as finish KR part 1 on Firesword.). I’ve been occupying myself by farming Nightshade, since the Stormrider Hare drops from all wizards level 20 and below. It’s been a real hassle, and Keira and I have gotten numerous pets, and wands, but no rabbit. We’ve been trying to keep our spirits up by saying how we’re destined for that hare, but it’s just being stubborn at the moment… know what I mean?

Me and Keira with our firecat and Sea Dragon pets. :)

Maybe the 117th time we killed him...

My beautiful firecat Lady Sandy has a critical trait, so once in awhile I critical. An initiate sorcerer criticalling is pretty awesome (in my opinion).

Grr... you will be mine one day...

Here are some other miscallaneous pictures from my adventures with my new balance:

Thanks Cyrus. We all love you too.

Brownie points to whoever knows this spirit's name. :)

Woot! Got my balanceblade from her. :D

Nice, short, sweet post for this week. It was to be posted yesterday, but science fair results were coming out that morning so I didn’t have time to post it this morning, or yesterday night.

Cya next week!




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1 Comment

Reply Ryan IceCaller
4:39 PM on April 20, 2014 
I remember when I made my balance. I thought I was going to mess it all up and be the opposite of what a balance wizard does. Turns out, I did pretty good. I had to say he was a great wizard to quest alone on, but with you having a storm questing partner, that makes everything easier on you.

Keep working at everything you are doing! Get all of those extracurricular activities finished up, but I am glad you stopped in to say hi! :)

Good luck with leveling your balance: you'll love the school!