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Spring Break Questing (and Contest)

Posted by Amber Firesword on March 29, 2014 at 10:25 AM

Heeey Everybody!

Yeesss, it's a late Friday post... Spring Break is coming to a close for me, and i'll go back to busy schoolwork for 3 more months, and then a 2 month break.

I’ve done so much questing this past break. In fact… I have finished Azteca!

After entering Pitch Black Lake, I entered into another state of “Wizards block” where I couldn’t quest further, because I was on Pyramid of Mother Moon. Now, this dungeon is not hard until the last fight, where Neza the Poet (the final boss) has a minion that has as much health as the boss himself. When I usually solo, I buff myself up and use Sun Serpent as the finisher. However, with (technically) two bosses, I would either have to do a large fire dragon, or a large rain of fire (I’m not for “two-hit” kills, I like one-hit knockouts). I then encountered Keira Breeze, a (amazingly talented) graphic artist on Wizard101Central, who I hadn’t really interacted with before. Nevertheless, we were on the exact same quest, and continued to quest together as questing buddies until now.

Keira is balance, which made her the perfect buffer while I was the hammer. Having a questing buddy makes questing WAY faster, and funner! Having a friend to talk to always helps!

Now, the questing took only TWO days to get through Pitch Black Lake, Floating Mountains, a bit of Alto Alto, and Twin Giants. There were many bosses, and I have assembled a collage for you all with our glorious hits (some of many):

Then, came Xibalba.

After some debate, me and Keira decided to just do it by ourselves; of course, our teamwork was unbeatable, even to Morganthe and Undead Mali—I mean, the Dark Servant ;)

Xibalba is composed of 4 fights:

1. Yacate Farwalker: Myth, be careful of Earthquake, Medusa, Basilisk. He’s a normal boss with 3 other minions. Me and Keira took him out rather easily.

57849 damage ;)

2. Skurkis Screaming Moon: Death, be careful of virulent plague. I cannot stress how useful Cleanse Charm treasure cards were in this fight, giving me the ability to put off a clean hit. Skurkis does cheat by summoning a minion, and sacrificing him for 2000 health, but the solution for this is to just eliminate her in one blow (pack those feints guys!)

3. Huac Cries Blood: Fire, I had to pack some prisms. If you’re also fire, remember that both the traps and prism will set off if the prism is placed BEFORE any of the traps are cast. As a side note, his minion, the Grim Calaca, casts Volcanic Shield once in a while, so I put some pierce treasure cards in my side deck just in case.

4. Malistaire the Undying: Death, be careful of Mass infection, and virulent plague. He has immunity to all schools, but killing off the minions will automatically end the battle. However, two of these minions are bosses with about 17000 and 22000 health, so it won’t be easy to kill them.


For this battle, me and Keira buffed up, and cast a fire dragon (that did a hefty amount of damage)

This killed off the ice minion and the Grim Calaca. However, it only did about 12000 damage to the Storm Minion, so I ended off with a buffed up efreet.

After that, the following round and Malistaire disappears.

Bye Malistaire. :( Hope you’ll finally find peace with Sylvia at last. <3

You all probably know that Azteca was in the end, pursued by comets and meteors (just like the dinosaurs) and the world is no more. Azteca was a beautiful world, and it didn’t drag on that long (unlike Zafaria…)

So, I have quested up to the quest for Last Wood, and Keira is such an amazing questing buddy! We’ve been beating mobs and bosses left and right!

Here are just some miscellaneous pictures from my adventures in Khrysalis so far:

Allan Ghostdust! <3 Thank you for the extra potion bottle, your soul is forever remembered in Wizard101. :)

With all these bugs and mice, I feel like we shrunk to the size of the bugs. That just might explain the overwhelming size of a pollen GRAIN.

Brownie points to whoever got that reference!

Probably my hardest-hitting kill I’ve ever done in Wizard101. Thanks to Dyvim Whiteheart and all the minions who boost by stats! It was around 163% damage boost at the time. I love hefty hits and overkills. >:)

I hope to give you guys some more in-game updates about my questing in Khrysalis! I’m hoping to finish part 1 before Khrysalis part 2 releases (it would be my first time having actually caught up to date with the storyline.)

For all my fellow readers who can read through this whole thing, I have a last contest for the month.

Simply comment below with what YOU did over Spring Break! Maybe it was questing, pet training, gardening, hosting parties for the break, etc.! Whatever you did, just post your activities below, and you’ll be entered to win a tapestry, or 2000 crowns! :D

Cya all later, around the spiral!

~Amber Firesword



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1 Comment

Reply Roslyn Silvertalon
11:08 PM on April 1, 2014 
So we all have Spring Break at the same time!? I thought it was an arbitrary thing.

Anyway, I must confess, I did nothing Wizard101-related this Spring Break. I did go up to the Olympic Peninsula for a few days to see the rainforest, stop in Forks in the hopes of seeing a vampire, and feed bears sliced bread. It was a great trip! And after I got back I farmed for pets in Pirate101 to prepare for the supposed update, although I didn't get anything.