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Posted by Amber Firesword on March 21, 2014 at 7:35 PM



Spring break is FINALLY upon us (me? us?)! I can finally do more blogging, wizarding (yes, it is now a verb ;)) and drawing!

This week, I’ll go to a different area of focus and I’ll actually tell you guys about some of my WIZARD’S adventures in-game. Nice change from a whole bundle of artwork every week, eh?

I've actually gone quite a bit through questing, and I'm around the beginning of Pitch Black Lake, since I finished Tierra de Brea the other day. For all those that manage to finish an entire world within WEEKS, please give me your ability.

In Tierra de Brea, I managed to solo Cipalcti, which took 3 times to actually beat him ("Third times the charm" truly does live up to it's title, doesn't it?). Cipalcti is one of those bosses where you can't leave your eye from the Wizard101 Screen for a long period of time, because of his WARD DANCE and CHARM DANCE cheats. IF you can't cast a charm/ward (according to which "dance" he has marked you with) within a certain period of rounds, he casts a 0-pip Dr. Von's Monster, which is a double whammy for you, since it knocks off both damage AND heals Cipalcti.

Are you saying I'm short? :mad:

My strategy for all 3 tries were to just blade/trap up, follow his cheats, and hit him and his minion in a 1 hit knockout with an enchanted Sun Serpent. In my first try, I went afk for a bit and actually... FORGOT i was in a boss fight and the next thing I knew, I was in the Zocalo, with a half-broken health globe. Guess the Monster really bit me.

In the second try, I actually died the round I was going to hit him with Sun Serpent. I couldn’t draw a healing spell and I was down to about 700 health with Cipalcti having 6 pips, and his minion having 1, so I decided to give a shot and hope for the best (until Cipalcti cast a critical wraith, which I did NOT block).

THIRD ROUND! This time, I was readily prepared after a few days of stubbornly not wanting to verse this boss ever again, and I managed to kill Cipalcti without any problems with his cheat.



Wait for it...





Man, that felt pretty awesome. FINALLY took out that pesky little boss that I had "Wizards Block" on (Wizards Block: When a Wizard doesn't feel like doing questing in-game because they just... don't feel like it.)





Secondly, I’ve been recently wanting that Alpha and Omega Ring from Gladiator Dimachaerus (did I spell that right?) in Mount Olympus. He doesn’t cheat, but he has a natural attack which not only packs some damage, but gives you a 75% weakness along with it. This morning, I decided to attempt to solo Dimachaerus, but I unconsciously discarded my two reshuffles so I had no attacks left and resorted to a storm henchman to finish him off. Also, I didn’t bring ANY cleanse charms with me in my side deck, so I couldn’t get through any of those spammed weaknesses.

I then went along with Jared Icecrafter and Darby Willowglen for a second run, which went off pretty smoothly, despite a couple of faulty decks and a period of much mass healing to stay alive. I hit first with a (lucky) critical Rain of Fire that didn’t block by any of the opponents, which killed off the minions, and another efreet/fire dragon in quick succession to kill off the Gladiator.

As you can see, already very early in  the battle the minions were beginning to tower up. 

Can you imagine a boss/minion actually not being a computer and generating random spells each round? What if they were actually controlled by people and it would be just like pvp? *shudderss*


Rain of fire on the Gladiator! If you didn't know already, the initial damage that the Rain of Fire packs is actually less than that of the total damage of what the ticks will do afterward (unlike Fire Dragon, which is the opposite.)

Slashing through a minions defense! The other minion in the picture didn't die due to his Absorb, which must have absorbed quite a bit of damage. The minion died next round though, being dealt another 7000 damage. :D

Efreet. I only had an Elemental Blade on, but I didn't realize that Jared had put a feint on the Gladiator. He only had about 354 health after I dealt this hit.

And the finisher! (with a quite nice overkill) A critical fire dragon to finish it off.

Cya later Gladiator! (for the second time in the same day)

DEFINITELY pack some cleanse charms for this one, and don’t be too picky about the legion shields/tower shields that the minions cast. Even with the shields, I blasted through them with my rain of fire, doing more than 5000 damage each tick after the initial cast.

Sadly, I didn't get the Alpha and Omega Ring from the Gladiator either rounds, but I got the Enchanted Armament in both battles as well as some nifty gear and reagents (I got myself! :) Amber... hehehe)

I’m definitely going to quest some more during Spring Break! Next week, I have planned a tutorial of an art concept that’s still rather new to me, so just bear with me. :)

I hope you guys are having an amazing spring break! If you don’t have break until next month, just try and get through school, and imagine that when YOU have break, then you can laugh at the people who had break this week.

Cya in the Spiral! ~AmberF.








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