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2nd Age PvP - Good or Bad?

Posted by Sophia (ninjatheurgist) on December 10, 2013 at 6:15 PM

2nd age PvP has been in game since April this year - and many players enjoy the new arena! I asked Twizards what they thought of the new arena, and majority like the changes that has been active for months now. 

With recent glitches in the system discovered by the many players in the arena, more and more PvPers are glitching out of matches - resulting in no rank lost. Many players are getting extremely annoyed with the arena - and over promised changes that have not seem to come.

Recently, Diego posted about glitchers in the arena (read his post at: https://www.wizard101.com/forum/player-vs-player/an-important-message-from-diego-8ad6a4184274db4d0142b95ef0af6bd7), promising consequences to those who exploit the glitch. While players wait for KingsIsle to release an update, PvPers run into more and more glitchers.

I ran into this wizard yesterday. He clearly did the common glitch from earlier this year, and now he has 0 wins and he's a knight.

Besides glitchers, many players are still having difficulty in the arena. I asked Twizards their opinion.

@TheDrakeFlame stated the following:

"The system relies too much on rank and most matchups at Warlord are horribly unfair." He provided the following pictures of his wizard in PvP.

Chris, level 16 overlord, against a grandmaster (level 50) warlord.

Chris, a level 16 overlord, against a level 56 balance wizard.

Chris, level 16 overlord, against a legendary (level 60+) wizard.

Other wizards on Twitter seem to believe that the entire PvP system, once again, needs the "promised" update KI has stated.

@DDragonblade: "Crit beats skill [nowadays]."

@ColeStorm1: "Yup, [that's] all 2nd age pvp is...I'll run into a 90-95 sometimes on my level 50 myth. And that's a tough match to play..."

@Moonhammer: "It was good before AQ. Mostly there is pierce/crit crazy players."

@SparkleFountain: "It's way worse than 1st age after Hades gear was out."

What's your view on the most recent glitches and matches in ranked PvP? Is the second age better then the first? Or did KI make PvP even worse then it was before? What changes do you hope KI will apply to the arena? Leave you comments below!

Until next week,


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Reply WIZARD375
1:12 AM on December 11, 2013 
I just don't like it in general, it messes things up but sense the Pet Derby counts as PvP I might as well say what is wrong in this age is that everyone when joining a match at Epic and Ancient (don't know about mega yet) the system puts you in a match and it combines it in around 30 minutes.