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PvP Planning

Posted by Sophia (ninjatheurgist) on November 26, 2013 at 7:35 PM

It's officially Thanksgiving break here, which means..more time for Wizards! And maybe some turkey. 

I've actually been somewhat active on wizards lately..but I have to tell you something. You might freak out, be warned.

Why is my level 82 ice in her "noob" clothes? What? Sophia..you didn't delete her..

Here's the thing: I did.

*everyone gasps* But, Sophia! You worked so hard on her! She's in Azteca! She had commander robes and everything!

Truth is: I never really enjoyed my ice wizard too much. She took a lot time to PvP on, and her resist made PvP boring none-the-less. I deleted her and created my fire character, Sophia Flame. Admire her hat.

She's the amazing level of 7 and on her way to magus soon, ready for PvP. But why would I delete my ice character not knowing if I would do well in PvP on her or not? Simple. I planned ahead: way ahead. Before I even created my character, I planned out her PvP style and roughly how long it would take me to completely prepare her for magus PvP. I selected the Balance Mastery Amulet for her, as well as one of my infallible pets (shown below) and crowns gear.

Why get so prepared for PvP? Can't you just go into the arena and PvP?

Well, yes, I could. Logically, it wouldn't be smart. Like chess, PvP is a battle of strategy. If you don't know how you plan to play, how can you expect to win?

Planning for PvP is essential. Whether pre-enchanting cards for your side deck or deciding what mastery amulet you'll use, it's a part of the game. Having the advantage of a good pet and good gear is better then having no pets or no gear. In chess, for example, having two people decide on a move is better then one person deciding on one. Although they may come out with the same outcome - that one person will have to work harder.

A lot of wizards consider planning a hassle, but in the end, it's a part of PvP. Most people think of PvP as just the match, but there's a lot more to it. Those who understand that they need to be able to control all parts of it, and become prepared for any situation thrown at them tend to do much better in combat.

Wishing you a great week and a happy Thanksgiving,


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