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Wizard101 Feature Ideas & Update

Posted by Sophia (ninjatheurgist) on November 19, 2013 at 8:10 PM

Naturally, I'm creative, and that's no exception with Wizard101. I'm always thinking of new features that could make the game much more entertaining and less boring in certain spots.


I have always loved the idea of a status bar. When you look on your friend's list, imagine being able to see if your friend is "Busy" or "Away From Keyboard" without even talking to them. It allows wizards to have some free space from their friends (we all have those annoying friends that constantly bug us) but allow incoming messages all the same. Think of it as a gmail chat, where you can see the status of your friend and also see a small message from them. Cool, right?


Another feature I've been dying for is being able to fast forward battle animations. I've honestly never been a big fan of questing, and this could be the major motivation to get me questing again. For example, if the player is in a battle by themselves against creatures, they can skip the animations freely. If they user is in a battle with other players, however, all players have to click the "fast forward" button to skip the animations. It is a major time-saver for those who dislike questing, but gives the option to those who enjoy the animations to view them.

After much internal debating, I've decided that the arena would be a better place with minimal opponent to opponent chat, as well as with spectators. Through my experience with a plethora of first age and second age PvP, I've seen the dark, feared side of the arena. Profanity, insults, and name-calling galore are hidden in the matches. To make the arena safer and more enjoyable to everyone, I believe it would be better to remove text/open chat to the spectators to speak out loud while viewing the matches. While allowing the viewers to still communicate, it prevents taunting. Also, opponent-to-opponent chat could be limited as well. During and after the match, opponents can not communicate with each other without adding one another (adding to group works too). If one of the player doesn't wish to speak to that person, they can easily ignore them and not get any negative opinions. Although this could be a disliked change, it prevents a negative environment in a family-friendly game.

Have any ideas? Leave it in the comments below! Maybe you'd love to be able to change the color of objects while decorations for a small gold fee, or be able to design outfits for your wizard? It's your call.


Time for an update now! I have slowly been questing my theurgist through Khrysalis with the help of Kyle (@KyleTitanFlame, moderator on Legends of the Spiral). Although she is my main character, I rarely go on her for anything other then gardening or pet training anymore. It's a nice change to come back to her and rediscover how overpowered she is.


In the meantime, I've been taking up PvP on my level 76 storm lately. I finally got her to warlord after some heavy procrastination, my fourth warlord in the second age so far. She has a long way to go before she reaches the ranks of my other wizards, though. She has 900 exactly, where my other three wizards (level 50 balance, 40 death, and 66 myth) have a range around 1450-1700 rank.


I've also managed to get a flying squirrel pet thanks to my AMAZING friend Olivia (@Kestrel101). Other then that, I've been inactive in Wizards lately. I've been occasionally playing other games, like the Sims, but I've overall been very busy with schoolwork..not to mention feeling sick for almost a full week and missing days of school! Yikes!

Hope to see you around the Spiral,



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