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Common Pet Misconceptions

Posted by Sophia (ninjatheurgist) on November 12, 2013 at 9:25 PM

Hey guys, it's Tuesday!


We've all spent our great deal of time in the Pet Pavilion, either training pets or hatching...but do you really know how the pet system works? What determines the talent a pet gets? Does the type of snack effect the talents a pet manifests?

I'm going to give a rundown of some common pet myths (that you may or may not believe) and state the fact. It helps a lot if you've taken a biology class to understand dominate and recessive genes. Here we go!

1.  Myth: The type of snack you feed a pet when you train helps determine the talents the pet develops. 

Fact: The type of snack does not change the talents that the pet will get. Snacks are only there to help boost the amount of XP your pet receives, helping it level up faster then the 4 XP you get from successfully completing a pet game. Also, the type of pet game you play does not help choose the talents, either. The talents of the pet are determined when it hatches.

2. Myth: You can possibility change the talents after you hatched your pet (alter them to receive the talent you want).

Fact: Once again, you can't alter the talents after the pet is hatched. The talents that the pet will manifest are set in stone. There are several ideas that you can change it to raise your chance, but none work.

3. Myth: You can accurately predict all five talents that a pet will manifest up to mega.

Fact: Although you can be fairly certain what talents the pet will manifest, you can't be 100% sure. For example, look at the Punnett square below. For those not familiar with Punnett squares, it helps determine the possible gene that can be received. This can be applied to pets. 

Here, you see two parents with the gene (talent) of Aa (A being a dominant trait, a being a recessive). This shows the possibility of each type of possible gene showing up. As you can see, there is a 50% for the baby to have Aa, 25% chance for the baby to have AA, and a 25% chance for the baby to have the recessive trait, aa.

You can't know 100% what the talents will be by mega, but you can be fairly sure about a couple of talents.

ALSO: Recessive talents are very important. For example, if the two pets above had a history or a spot for unicorn (epic very close to bottom), the 2 unicorn traits could very well pop up. This makes it even harder to accurately predict pets.

4. Myth: The order the talents manifest do not matter.

Fact: The order talents manifest can matter. For example, the hatch shown in number three has a STRONG fairy trait. Because the talent is strong, it will manifest more quickly (teen rather than mega). 

5. Myth: You can look at the talent pool of the parents and see the talents that will manifest.

Fact: You could see strong talents that will most likely manifest, of course. But, once again, you can never be completely sure what talents will manifest. You can predict fairly well, though. The most history of both parents you have, the more accurate predicting can be.

That's all for today! I'll continue with misconceptions soon. Comment below if you have any pet questions or ideas, and I'll address them in another post.

Until next Tuesday!


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