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Posted by Sophia (ninjatheurgist) on November 5, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Who is this profound person on WU’s blog, and what’s she doing here?

I guess I’ll have to awkwardly introduce myself to those who do not know me, then. I’m Sophia (better known as @ninjatheurgist), a Wizard101 addict, pet guru, and a PvP lover.

We’ve all had to play those awkward icebreaker games we were forced to play in class, correct? I’ll go ahead and “break the ice” with ten strange – but vital – facts about me!

10. I can’t stand coconuts. For some reason, coconuts really tend to bother me.

9. I’m a nerd. I’m that girl who is in those shady “advanced” classes. What are those, anyways?

8. I’m sarcastic. Sarcastic. Very, very, VERY sarcastic. Mwahaha.

7. Mexican food is my love. Seriously, tacos, man. That salsa and chips & cheese… ¡Muy bien!

6. I’m extremely random. You might have guessed.

5. I have two pet rabbits, Cinnamon and Sugar. Of course, Ian and my pet rabbits enjoy their playdates they have.

4. I’m addicted to midlevel PvP. I’m a member of the Giant Hunters, as well as The Knight Who Say Ni. I’m seriously tempted to delete my level 82 ice wizard to try magus and grandmaster PvP on ice.

3. I’m allergic to arguing. Okay..maybe not completely allergic to it, but you get the concept. I hate arguments, fights, etc. Whenever they occur, I try to stay team neutral.

2. I’m always tired. Seriously. I usually can’t fall asleep until around one/two/three in the morning, so you can assume why I’m so tired. I sleep late on weekends…eleven/noon type of late.

1. I’m addicted to bands and music, and I really hope I can attend a concert, steal a band member, and tie them to a chair. Oh…darn. You figured out my diabolical plan. Blasted squirrels!




Me: I can’t believe you’re at my house!

Band member: …you kidnapped me and tied me to a chair.

Me: STILL. *pets*


Now that we’re out of the awkward icebreaking stage, let’s get down to the real stuff. I’m going to be blogging right here every Tuesday! Tuesday is that day of the week when you (cough, I totally did not do this) almost walk out of the PE locker room without any shoes on. It’s the strange day after Monday – where you don’t really know quite what to do. I’ll be here, posting.

I’m really excited to start blogging here on WU, and I look forward to posting!


Until next time!

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Reply WIZARD375
12:21 AM on November 11, 2013 
O_O Well, that's basically the parody of 22 by Taylor Swift I saw.
Reply Chris DragonBlade
7:44 PM on November 5, 2013 
OMGGG We gotta stop Sophia from capturing people D: