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Goodbye, But Is It Final?

Posted by Marissa Petal on February 15, 2015 at 11:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, to be honest, Ian's goodbye took me at a shock. He's put his blood, sweat and tears into this site, and in all truth, he has done a pretty amazing job at it. He has been an amazing boss and friend, and it was honestly a pleasure to work with him. I look forward to seeing WatchHallow bloom into an amazing site.

As for the other WU staff members, you guys are amazing as well! I may not have been in close contact with most of you, you guys have been awesome!

Another confession: I never thought I would ever inch away from Wizard101 and Pirate101 nor did I think I would be a stranger to the Twizard community. 6 years has it been since I joined Wizard101, 5 years has it been since I've started blogging. It's all pretty nostalgic to me. I can honestly tell you that being apart of this game and community has had it's ups and downs. But I will miss those memories the most, knowing that those whom I've grown close to have shied away.

After reading Ian's second-to-last post, it made me think; should I pull the curtain? Have I reached that point in my life? It has seem so, since despite all of the stresses and screams in my life, I still go online, but I never go on Twitter or Wizard101/Pirate101. I constantly think back to 11/12-year-old me, who promised to always be active in the Wizard101 community until it closed it's gates, who promised that she would convince her future husband and children to play the game. The almost-17-year-old me wishes that she could hug the younger me, knowing that her goals didn't go as planned, knowing that her dreams had changed. 

I also had a habit of thinking back to Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl, to that scene where Barbossa said: "For too long I've been parched of thirst and unable to quench it. Too long I've been starving to death and haven't died. I feel nothing. Not the wind on my face nor the spray of the sea. Nor the warmth of a woman's flesh."  But in my point-of-view, it would be more like: "Too long have I've been parched for gear and unable to obtain it. Too long have I tried to find something new to do in-game and haven't found it. I feel bored. Not the fish in the ponds nor the plants in my garden. Nor the training of my pets." Yeah, a bit overdramatic, but at least you get the picture.

So, time to say those accursed words that never in my imagination would I have thought I would say: Goodbye Wizard101, Pirate101, and the Twizard/Blogging community. Goodbye to those whom have been great friends. Goodbye to those whom always had picked fights with me, or have disliked me. Goodbye to those who gave me inspiration and motivation. All of you have been fantastic, and guess what? So was I.

BUT my goodbye isn't final. It will never be final. I've come to realize that my old habits will respark my curiousity, and that I've always come back to it just to old time's sakes. Ian and the WU staff have worked their hardest to keep this site running, and I don't think I could bear to let it gather dust. So, shall I ever return, I expect to be blogging about new content story-arch wise. Because let's just face the facts: I don't wanna go.

So, some of you may wonder what shall I do now that I've pulled the curtain. Well, I don't know. Get through junior year, I assume? Get through the testing and college application process? Can't say that I'll be setting up a new blog. I think I'll hold back my blogging days for now, at least while I'm at the near-ending of my high school career and slowly stepping into my college one.

How can you contact you, some of you may also wonder? Well, my wizard101 email won't be of good use, considering that I won't be checking it in a long, long while. I'm speaking over a year and a half while. Yeesh, the inbox cleaning that I'll have to do will be hefty. I guess what I can say is the best way to contact me and get an immediate response is through my Twitter. Although I won't be tweeting, I still get notifications on my phone. So, if you want to chat up, you can just send me a DM at @MarissaPetal on Twitter and I'll respond ASAP.

It's honestly heartbreaking for me to write this, and I think I'm gonna have to force myself from watching old videos my friends and I have created or read old messages. I love all of you, and I will see you in due time. But until then, this is my goodbye.

Goodbye, Wizards Unite

Posted by Ian StormStaff on February 13, 2015 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (2)

Today is FEBRUARY 13th, the last day Wizards Unite is paid for. I'm kinda sad to leave my baby. It's been a long almost four years at WU and I've had a lot of people to thank for it. I want to thank a few people, but first I need to go over some boring stuff:


  • I will no longer be paying for hosting for this website, the domain will expire and return to wizardsunite.webs.com, so please change your bookmarks to reflect that.
  • Since I'm no longer paying webs, my page limit has decreased from unlimited (I have around 300 pages of WU stuff), to a whopping 5. Webs will systematically delete my pages until that number is reached, I personally am going to save files of the pages I want to keep but for you the reader, that means the bulk of my information that could remain useful will be wiped at some point. If I can save it and find a way to make it publicly available, I certainly will and will tell you guys.
  • I will keep the twitter open, but it won't really be updated. The FB page will remain but no longer be updated.
  • All of the WU emails will stop working when my premium ends, so the contact and my personal email are unusable. You can of course always reach me at [email protected] and at my new website [email protected]


And now for my long list of thank-yous and such....


  • Edward LifeGem, Autumn DreamWalker, Destiny, Swordroll, Chrissy, and others I forgot over time. You all have been the backbone of my support system and have always been there to support my work and my ideas. You are all incredible people and I'm glad you're my friends
  • All past/current WU staff: thank you from the bottom of my heart for working with me, and helping my site in any way you could. You guys rock for writing and making things and helping me out. I have had staff struggles before but the majority of you are amazing people who I hope enjoyed your time working with me.
  • Kingsisle: though I never made it to official, and only garnered recognition from Kingsisle for an April fools joke, I owe Kingsisle much credit to building great games and letting a great community flourish. It was a long dream of mine to be an official fansite but now I have learned that it is not the path I want to take, that I need to exist to be creative and be creative in everything I do.
  • Special shout out to Tom/Friendly for literally supporting me since I joined the community. He's super busy being an amazing community manager now but even before then he was a great figure in the community and I will forever admire his love for people and for gaming. Happy Dueling :)
  • To those who weren't a friend to me; I try my hardest to love everyone but a few of you just tick me off, nobody's perfect. I thank you for giving me my competitive edge and showing me how NOT to run my website; no offense to yours. You'll probably throw a party now that I'm gone but that's okay, you do you.
  • Lastly; thanks to my parents. My dad has paid for my web hosting for a few years now and that's something that is definitely costly and doesn't have to happen, I'm grateful he's let me have this opportunity (plus he's paying for my new website too...). My mom has also been paying for my KI subscriptions for about 6 years now... Which amounts to a lot of money spent on games. My parents on top of being my investors have also been amazingly supportive to my work and pushed me to keep it up. I'm very happy that they support me in my endeavors.
  • Bonus: thank you every single reader who has ever spent a minute in this site, every comment, every person who tweets me or uses Wizards Unite; you are what kept me going, what drove me to aim high, and what caught me when I fell. I started this website wanting to become official and have fans and I leave it loving writing and gaming more than ever.








This website is so important to me and even though I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to, I think I did a pretty darn good job and I'm proud of my website and my work. I am looking forward to WatchHallow and the rest of my online journey, but I wanna thank the #Twizards for getting me on my feet. You guys rock, I'm gonna miss this.... A lot... 

Signing off for the last time as Ian StormStaff, thanks for reading all of these years, have a great weekend :)

This is Gonna be Hard to Say

Posted by Ian StormStaff on January 19, 2015 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (1)

I've spent years telling people that as long as there was Wizard101 there would be Wizards Unite. For the last 3 1/2 years I've devoted a lot of time and money to keep that promise. Almost 500 blog posts, hundreds of pages of information and content, tens of thousands of tweets; Wizard101 has been the center of my life for quite a while now. But close friends know that behind the scenes I'm not always as confident as I show. I have publicly faltered before; just last Christmas I was also on break for around a month, meaning I've done that twice now. However this Christmas break I sat down and thought about the future of my online gaming and writing career. I love love love Kingsisle and Wizard101, and I obviously love the community. But to be frank with you, I just don't enjoy the work tied to Wizards Unite anymore...

Before you go into anaphalactic shock; let me explain: when I started WU I wanted to write and play Wizard101. For the first two years that's what I did; I even invited other writers to join me! However things took a turn for the busier side the summer I hired 3 staff members to help me launch some larger and more complex projects. That summer we released the Crowns Shop Index, the Badge Index, and my School Spirit pages. Together is was around 80-100 pages of stuff added to WU. It was amazing; I was a big shot with tons of info and something other sites didn't have. I felt like I had a purpose now, not just blog posts. So I kept at it, and kept at it, and kept at it. Last time I checked I had over 200 pages of information like this on WU: half of it alone the CSI (and another large chunk the Aquarium). Since I now alone control the informational side of WU the maintenance and upkeep of these 200+ pages is solely mine; I have no help and have in the past tried to hire some. In the end though I do the brunt of the work; and lemme tell you that's a lot of brunt. I did the aquarium pages alone, all 80 something pages; and also suffered TWO emotional breakdowns while building it. I, the real Ian, cried in the real world over the deadlines for a project I created. I had given myself more work than I could possibly do alone in the time allotted. My mom would force me away from my computer to keep me from stressing myself over these stupid digital fish. That was when I realized maybe I was working too hard.

You'll notice since then WU hasn't had any large additions of info, minus the changes to the CSI (mostly cosmetic) I've tried to return to blogging more than big projects. But even so I've struggled to come up with content to write about. A large amount of this problem stems from the stagnant creativity in the community. Wizard101 is approaching 7 years of age. That's nearly a decade of the spiral. Since I've been writing about Wizard101 for nearly 4 years I've covered a lot of news, and even more original ideas and angles. But recently I've found it really hard to come up with anything new to write about, simply because there isn't much to really write about left! I'm not alone with this struggle; many other Fansites have converted to covering pirate101 as well as wizard101, or posted less frequently. I have striven for a weekly post since I started WU and met that more often than I thought. But I've also missed it a lot. Blogging in the KI community is at an all-time-low. Even official fansites don't post a lot, they rely on events, contests, and informational pieces to keep their views high and updates frequent. That's just the way it is now; there isn't anything to write about.

Instead of stifling myself and staying in the KI community; I'm quite literally removing myself from it. I of course could never quit the games, they're incredibly fun and I've made so many friends; but after a few months of serious thinking, I am closing WU. I will stop posting and updating it regularly, the domain will expire in February and from there the site will sit. I won't delete it, and I won't wipe or clear anything. All of the information, content, posts, will remain. I also won't change any member privileges, so if for any reason another WU blogger wants to post something on here, they still can. I will maintains WU through February, but at the beginning of March what is here, is it.

You're probably wondering what I'll do now that I don't have WU to work on. Of course I have other work to do. School is becoming ever so demanding and I'm working on getting season 4 of Ramblers going (it is behind schedule I'll admit)... But I could never stop gaming and writing; instead I'm going to rebrand myself with a new website and new purpose. I'm not quite ready to reveal everything yet, but I will soon enough. Until then, I sincerely hope you guys understand, and that you'll enjoy my next project just as much as WU. It's been an awesome four years in this community and I'm not done with KI yet. And I will never be done gaming and writing.

PS: I hope you all will be excited when my new project releases next month...

No More Jungles, KI

Posted by Ian StormStaff on January 19, 2015 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (1)

*Crunches through leaves and brush, swatting away vines and limbs* crikey! I'm in Zafaria in the jungle! SIKE, I'm in Azteca's jungles! Actually I'm in Celestia's jungles! Get my point yet...? The spiral sure has a lot of jungles....

I've commented on this before, at least to myself as I play through worlds. But it seems that recently KI has has jungles on the brain. We went from urbanely populated worlds like Dragonspyre to worlds that were jungle and village one after the other (cue Celestia-Khrysalis guys). That's every world since 2010...... Yes these worlds have populated areas, but I feel like SO MUCH of the newer worlds is leaves and forests and swamps. Instead of visiting indigenous world after world why can't we go to some more existing places like Candy Land or Darkmoor. Places that we know exist, know are populated, and have incredible culture that we've been teased about but never fully seen before! I mean don't get me wrong but....


This does get a little old after a while.... Time for KI to spice things up and give us something fresh and unseen, a completely new environment and vibe. I personally want something deeply populated like Marleybone or Dragonspyre, high streets and buildings to explore, I've spent a lot of time in the dirt and outside.... I could use a break.... I haven't been in an actual city in forever.... (Avalon doesn't count guys, that's like 70% forest 20% castle and 10% weird alternate dimension thingy)

So let's get on that guys, no more jungles.... Bunny out, peace.

Bring on The Milk and Cookies

Posted by Ian StormStaff on December 8, 2014 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (2)

Hey Guys!

I'm ready for Christmas and everything in between! I've been busy IRL so I don't have much content to write about, BUT I did decorate! So here's some photos of my cozy Christmas room in my Massive Fantasy Palace:

It has some bare spots, I'm hoping to find some more decorations in the Bazaar this month to fill it. Until then, hope everyoen is having a wonderful December! :D

As November Concludes...

Posted by Marissa Petal on November 28, 2014 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (0)

November: The time to hunt down turkeys and trample people for items on sale

I hope that all of you had an amazing Thanksgiving and had shared your graces. I also hoped that nobody killed anybody during Black Friday. I had originally wanted to make this post last night, but the turkey got to me and I ended up passing out on the couch for the rest of the night. 

I was hoping I would get to post a few things that people were grateful for, but nobody answered my post nor my tweets. So, here I list I made that hopefully everybody is thankful for.

I am thankful for:

- The food on my plate
  - The roof over my head
- The internet
- Health
- Friends
- Wizard101
- Pirate101
- Kingsisle

In other news, I know Kingsisle is very grateful for their players that they decided to give everybody a monolith to commemorate the 50 million players they have achieved. I don't know about you, but that thing is a bit more bigger than I expected.

Also, this might be my last post for a while. I will post during Christmas break. I don't know if I will make a post on the Christmas intensification or my adventures in Darkmoor (when you know, I get membership or crowns...) So, I hope all of you stay safe and warm this upcoming holiday season and I will see you all soon!

CSI November 2014 Updates

Posted by Ian StormStaff on November 24, 2014 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello Wizards! 
I took a good portion of last night and shut down the CSI for some much needed restructuring and updating. For starters, the new pets mount house and gold bundle are all in the index now (yay!); but more importantly, the Index has been reorganized for easier navigation so that you can fidn what you want. This is inspired by some rethinking, as well as Wizard101's restructure of the Crowns Shop itself! Here's what's different:

Previously, Gardening had its own section on the root page and teleporters were at the bottom of the Houses Page. NOW Those and other housing related items (not including houses themselves) are all found under the Housing Items page. 

Much like the in game Crowns Shop, the Index now organizes things like clothes, weapons, etc that your wizard wears and uses, all into one category called For Your Wizard

We decided to throw some other odds and ends into a category called gameplay. So now henchmen, elixirs, and reagent Bundles are all thrown into this section. Fishing WOULD be here, but we decided to keep it on the root page. The Fishing Page is incomplete and won't be open quite yet, but it will be soon! 

There's a lot new going on! Hopefully the fishing page will be completed soon and the Index will be entirely up to date! Hope you find these updates useful :D. Have a great week!

Is It November Already?

Posted by Marissa Petal on November 15, 2014 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Last time I checked, the last time I made a blog post was in August.

Man, how time flies by, right?

Although I am still on hiatus, I will make occasional appearances since I still blog here and I have to prioritize. Even plus, who doesn't blog around the holidays? Potatoes, thats who.

So, since it's November, I am trying to enforce Thanksgiving since THERE IS CHRISTMAS STUFF EVERYWHERE AND I'M READY TO GO INSANE. I figured it would be nice to do a little interaction with the community.

Write down in the comments section what you are Thankful about. Although, KI-related things are strongly suggested, you can feel free to add in a few appropriate things as well. I'll put up a post nearing Thanksgiving and feature those who commented.

I'm sorry if this post is short. I don't have much to say considering I rarely go on Wizard101 and I'm sure a lot of you are done listening to my struggles with reality. I shall see you guys around Thanksgiving. In the meantime, be good, you watermelons!

Ian's 5 All Time Favorite NPCs in Wizard101

Posted by Ian StormStaff on November 10, 2014 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (1)

Over the many years of my Wizard's journey I've met a LOT of interesting characters, some good, some bad, most weird... Kingsisle is pretty good at creaing unique and impressionable characters and you sure meet plenty as you smach and crash through the spiral on your adventure. Of these many characters I decided to make a list of my personal favorites. These guys for some reason retain my interest and I just like them (for better or for worse :P). Number one on my list...



I promise this says nothing about me as a person; but Morganthe is a VERY interesting person, even if she's absolutely terrible and violent and, uh, Evil? She's a classic villain with no motive but power and destruction, but she's also unhinged and I love a good psycho. I also think she has an interesting backstory, and backstory is what sells a character. In all of her forms, Morganthe does a good job being pretty evil, while still being fabulous. Spiders aren't my thing though.... that's for sure.


Myrella Windspar

You can't go wrong with the eclectic bridge loving-fjord loving-cat thing Myrella Windspar. I love her comments in the housing tours, and though she has no actual plot in the story of Wizard101, she is important to me as a house lover and a cat lover. I love taking her tours just to hear her comments. In addition, she's now a legit character thanks to Housing Tours! Selfieeeee!



Long before Morganthe there was Malistaire. In the beginning he was just as villainous as Morganthe, and we chased him through world after world trying to stop him; only to find in Dragonspyre that Malistaire's largest motive was love, and sadness. All he wanted was his wife back. The Malistaire dungeon was so moving and interesting for me, and it's one of my favorite dungeons in the game. So yay for Mali!


Lady of the Lake

Any Storm Character is good in my books, but Lady of the Lake is epic in her own grounds. She's GIANT and powerful and she just sounds so epic! We onl see her for a short time in Avalon but I still find her awesome. I mean she gives you a giant rock/egg/thing with your name on it! How cool is that??



Memphis is probably the most obscure of the people listed, you see him very briefly in the BOXES event as the old fire school teacher, but he has no large role in the grand scheme of the game, he's likely dead by the time our wizards even enroll in Ravenwood. But when I met him I thought he was pretty cool looking, probably because of my love for Krokotopia.... But it makes me wish that we could meet other professors from Ravenwood, Pigswick, Dragonspyre, anywhere really. Teachers are cool.... Or at least mythical Aligators are.


Surprisingly this was difficult to do, because I meet so many cool characters while playing, and most of them only briefly. I alsos truggled with not putting Pirate101 characters in my list, which means you'll probably see someting go up on Un Petite soon... Thanks for reading, have a great week!

My 18th Birthday Party!

Posted by Ian StormStaff on October 27, 2014 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (1)

Hey guys! Gonna be honest this is a short post. I didn't do much work this weekend because I was very busy IRL and I got The Sims 4 so that has been an adventure xD. But I wanted to talk about my party that I had Saturday. Thanks everyone so much for coming! It was more people than I was expecting and I got to meet ome nice new peeps as well!

I had fun and I'm glad so many people could come and party with me!! I don't have much else to say but thanks everyone for the birthday wishes on Thursday and for soming Saturday! I'm legal now! Yay taxes and voting and stuff! :P Thanks for reaind, see yall next week :D